What We Do

Creating wealth opportunities is our specialty!

American Note Warehouse teaches investors how to make passive income just like a bank. We specialize in securing passive income for retirement. We work with fix-and-flippers who are taking advantage of the tremendous growth in the income-housing market by creating mortgage notes on their properties and sell them to investors.

It’s a win-win: the fix-and-flippers get an infusion of cash for their properties without going through the frustrating and expensive banking system and the note buyer earns 15% interest (on average) for two or three year deals.

The note buyer is protected by a first lien position on the property. We only sell notes valued at $20,000 and below so you as a note buyer can compound your money as quickly as possible – unlike large notes that take a decade to recoup your initial investment – and, of course, the sooner you compound your money, the sooner you can buy another note!


American Note Warehouse will buy or sell your mortgage notes with values of $40k and below.
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Watch the video below: How To Make Money in Real Estate Without Real Estate.