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Buying and selling notes is a simple transaction that does not need to be complicated.

I will tell you how much I can get for your note. I will pay the closing cost and title insurance and at closing you will get the agreed upon amount and American Note Warehouse (ANW) will get the remainder.

When buying a note, you will select a note you like and ANW will send you the information on the original note. Feel free to do whatever due diligence you wish. ANW will only facilitate on notes that have title insurance. ANW will be paid at closing by the note owner the agreed amount and ANW will pay all closing cost and title insurance fees.

As a buyer you only pay the listed amount from the ANW list. You never pay ANW any money nor do you sign any contract with ANW. Your note purchase is direct with the note owner.

Contact me by calling 512-308-3869. You can also set up a phone appointment on the prompt to the right of your screen or email me directly: JW@AmericanNoteWarehouse.com. I promise that if you call me, you’ll get me. I also promise I will make you more money.


Call J.W. at 512-308-3869 to discuss how mortgage notes will help you build a solid financial portfolio.

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Partial Payment Mortgage Notes.